Where does your power company rank?

Where’s the best place in Utah for solar? You'd think the answer to that question would depend on what parts of this beautiful state see the fewest cloudy days or see the most sun because of a lower latitude. But the answer actually depends  more on which power company supplies the power to the home.


Most homeowners who install solar panels still rely on the power company to provide them with electricity at night or when the sun isn’t shining. In order to offset the cost of this power and make their homes net-zero, most solar arrays are built with enough panels to generate more power than the home needs during the day. This excess power is then sold to the power company so it can be used later when the sun isn’t shining.

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Don’t mistake great tech for great customer service

 Technology can provide nearly every business with new and innovative ways to make the customer buying experience faster, easier, and more enjoyable. It’s what makes new technology so alluring to most business owners since making a customer’s experience faster and easier and making them feel good about their purchases ares all key elements to increasing sales.

There’s probably no better example of tech shaping a business than the largest company in the world, Amazon. From its earliest days, Amazon gave buyers what they wanted, the ability to purchase just about any book on the planet, quickly, easily, and affordably. They provided a forum for reviews so you could read what others thought of the purchase you’re contemplating. They made returns almost as easy as buying, and with Amazon Prime, they made the shopping experience even easier by providing free shipping.

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LEDs an easy way to improve the bottom line for businesses

You  may have noticed a change slowly creeping over the City of St. George for the past few years. One by one, the yellowish cast of high-pressure sodium street lights has been replaced by a clean, white glow beaming down from new light-emitting diode, or LED light fixtures installed city employees.

If the switch has happened in your neighborhood, the first thing that probably jumped out at you was a significant change in color temperature and what felt like much brighter light beaming through your front windows at night. After a few days of acclimation, however, they seem almost as natural as walking under the light of a full moon.
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ACES Companies Privacy Policy

ACES Companies takes the privacy of our customers and visitors to our website and the protection of confidential transaction data very seriously. Visitors to our site can be assured that, first and foremost, ACES Companies will not disclose any contact information to third parties. The following further summarizes the information gathering and privacy policy of ACES Companies. 

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Why we love our energy efficiency products...

We can answer that question in two short words. They work. 

If that’s all we said about them, this wouldn’t be much of an article though, so allow us to elaborate. When you combine the impact multi-layer insulation or Invisaflects, Bluemaxx, a solar fan, and a thorough attic inspection and tune-up can have on the comfort and energy use in a home, the products do exactly what we say they will do. They reduce our customer’s power bills and they make the the temperatures throughout their homes more consistent.
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